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Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar K: Meenakshi Plays Divide and Rule

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Serial yeh rishte hai pyar k is gearing up with high voltage drama. According to the recent track finally, Abir and Mishti get married. The whole Maheswari family gets emotional during her vidai. Abir and Mishti also cried their heart out. While Jasmeet tried to demotivate Mishti saying that she always ruin the unity of a family.

On the way to the Rajvansh house, Abir faces a panic track as he was about how Meenakshi will treat Mishti. Mishti tries to handle him and console him that everything is going to be fine as she is always there to support him. Abir tells her that he cannot trust Meenakshi. But Mishti anyhow manages to control his emotions.

Kuhu prepares everything for Mishti’s grihaprabesh as she is a daughter-in-law of that house and she doesn’t want to show her differences with Mishti to everyone. Here Meenakshi is going to play her dirty game again Meenakshi tells Kuhu that she wants something new and unique for Mishti’s grihaprabesh. Kuhu feels bad hearing this and this was Meenakshi’s motive.

She knows that Kuhu doesn’t like Mishti and they have a bad bonding. She will try to take advantage of this and make Mishti feels bad about her. she wants to prove that her decision was right and Mishti is not at all good for the family.

It will be interesting to see how Mishti will going to face this and Meenakshi is going to succeed in her plan or not. Many more new dramas are waiting for the viewers.

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