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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai: Vedika’s Bold Decision

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In today’s episode you will see that during the hide and sick game Kartik confess his feeling to Naira and tell her that he is not going to cheat anybody anymore. At that moment Kairav will come towards him and ask that papa did you find someone, Kartik will say no, than kairav will ask him than why have you opened your mask this is cheating, looking at Naira Kartik will say sorry beta this the last time, from the next time neither I’ll cheat nor I’ll let anybody cheat and leaves from there. Vedika will overhear their conversation and will start crying.

Goenkas are ready to leave from singhania sadan. On the other side dadi and Manish is also tensed that what is going to happen and how will they talk to Vedika about this matter. Goenkas returns and Kartik wanted to confess everything but Niara stopped him so he change the topic. Goenkas are little confused by Kartik’s behaviour. At that moment Vansh and Kairav come and say that tomorrow is the last day for their model submitation . kairav will add that my mummy can prepare a nice model for us, Vansh will say Vedika aunty can also help but Kairav deny and say that no mumma papa will do this for us. Vedika were listning to all this and get hurt.

Naira and Kartik start making the model, which Vedika will see standing outside the room. She will come and break the model of their house and will start shouting and will ask everybody that what is my fault but this will be a dream sequence. Vedika will leave the Goenka house and visit Pallavi. Pallavi will tell her that this is not right, its her family now she needs to clear this out. Vedika will say I’ll and leave. On the other side Naksh call Naira and say that a piece of Vedika’s mangalsutra had left there, immediately Naira will understand that Vedika had overheared them.

Vedika return to the Goenka house and handover the divorce paper to kartik, everybody is shocked by this. She said that Naira had tried her best to save her marriage but Kartik only loves Naira and she is nobody to come between them and she reunite them.

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