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Top 5 Romance Novels that you can read today

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Romance novels come under the genre that focuses on the relationship and unconditional love between two people. These type of stories usually has an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. Both the conflict and climax of these types of novels are directly related to the theme of developing a romantic relationship between the two people. In simple words, the core of these types of Novels is a romantic relationship between a hero and a heroine. Some romance novels contain so many emotions that it can even make you cry.

According to research, it is found that the reader of romance novels are mostly women. Here is the list of top 5 romance novels that are available on Amazon and these novels are must-have for those who love to read romance novels. These 5 novels will definitely take you to the ride of different emotions. These 5 romance novels are highly are recommended for those who are fond of emotionally challenging stories. Read below to know more about these novels.

I Too Had a Love Story

I Too Had A Love story is written by an Indian author Ravinder Singh. This amazing novel is a debut novel of the author and is a complete package of different emotions. Ravin and Khushi are the main characters of this novel and their amazing love story is the base of this novel. The duo met via a matrimonial website and eventually fall for each other. Then they met each other’s family and decides to get married. Soon after meeting the families, they start preparing for their engagement but something unfortunate happens that change the whole story.

Can Love Happen Twice?

The next in this list is ‘Can Love Happen Twice?‘, again written by Ravinder Singh. It is the sequel of I Too Had A Love Story and is packed with different emotions. In this story, Ravin and Simar are the main characters. This story portrays that love in life can happen more than once. In this story, you will see that after the death of the love of Ravin’s life Khushi, Ravin met Simar and after talking to her for many days he developed feelings for her. This story also showcases the importance of the career as well. But at the end of this story, you will find once again some devastating incident happen to Ravin as Simar left him the as things were not going well between them on the same day he had lost Khushi.

If It’s Not Forever It’s Not Love

If It’s Not Forever It’s Not Love is written by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. Dev and Avantaika are the lead protagonists of this novel. The story begins with Dev, who has just survived the bomb blasts at Chandni Chowk. After he gets back into his senses he realizes that his life is no less than a miracle. From the burnt remains he discovers a diary. It seems to belong to a dead man who was deeply in love with a girl. After reading the diary he realizes that this story should not be left incomplete and thus the journey of Dev and Avantika starts.

Till The Last Breath

Till The Last breath is written by none other than the bestseller author Durjoy Datta. This is a story of two patients who meet in the hospital. Both of them are dealing with different life circumstances. Both of them in the hospital room is fighting death as their doctors bend rules of medicine and at some points, even their ethics to keep them breathing. This book, prancing around a race towards death, is beautifully written and swells up the throat of the readers with tears at multiple points in the story-line.

The Promise

Last but not least of this list is The Promise written by Nikita Singh. The story is about the two people with an unfulfilled promise. Both of them are completely different from each other. One can brighten up the world around her with her beautiful smile while the other is trying to run away from his past. When finally they met they fall for each other and start their relationship with a vow to always stay together but something unfortunate happens that the promise they did to each other has been shaken.

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