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Serial Kaha Hum Kaha Tum Is Not Going To End??

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Kaha Hum Kaha Tum is one of the most popular shows of star plus. The show is starring Karan V Grover and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim in a lead role. In a very short span of time, the show has captured millions of hearts. Recently the rumors are coming that the show is going to off-air soon.

The chemistry between Rohit( Karan V Grover ) and Sonakshi ( Dipika Kakar Ibrahim ) has always impressed the audience. The fans are getting upset with the news that the show is going to off-air. Despite the decent TRP rating, there is a rumor that the channel wants to end the show.

When the show’s producer Sandip Sikcand was asked about it he refused to comment on anything related to this matter. Though nothing is announced officially it is hard to say whether the rumors are true or not.

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