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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Anant argues with Dashrath

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Today’s episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 begins with Dashrath suggesting Praful divide the house and give shares to their sons. This makes Praful angry and he says that these thing doesn’t happen in their house. In reply, Dashrath says that what if his sons want the same. Hearing this Anant gets irked and says that no-one in this house wants this but it seems like he wants it. Anant further says that what Dashrath wants will never happen in this house. Gehna gives water to Praful and gets worried about him.

Dashrath tells Praful that nothing is permanent as everything changes with time. Praful says he knows very well that things change but that doesn’t mean that he will divide the family. Dashrath still tries to convince him and says to take his advice. In between Gehna tries to interfere and talks about unity. Gehna’s interference makes Dashrath angry and he tells Gehna not to talk between elders and she is also an outsider. Anant gets angry and says that Dashrath is an outsider and he must not interfere in their family matters. Hema yells at Anant and says that he is insulting her father. Anant says that he is not insulting anyone, he is just giving answers as since Dashrath has comer, he is talking about the division.

Dashrath says that one day Mahabharat will happen in this house then he will see how Anant will handle the situation. Anant says they don’t belong to a Mahabharat family but belongs from a Ramayana family. They may fight for some time but will be together forever. An angry Dashrath says to Sagar that he has eaten too much so lets go outside to have some fresh air.

However, Hema says that how dare is Anant to talk to her father like this. Kanak says that he has tortured her a lot, now its her turn to give it back to him. She says Anant ordered Gehna to not do any work for Dashrath but she will make sure Gehna does it. Hema says if that happened then a fight will happen between Anant and Gehna. Kanak says she should separate them first to divide the family. Hema gets excited hearing her plan.

In the morning, Dashrath gets a shock as he sees Gehna with the Gangajal. Dashrath again insults Gehna saying that he needs to bathe again. Jamuna takes a stand for Gehna and says that Gehna is not a maid but the best daughter-in-law of this house. Dashrath says that he cant change his mindset about maids despite she becomes a daughter-in-law of the house. Jamuna says she has to talk to Praful and Anant about it but Gehna stops her. Jamuna instructs Gehna to give medicines to Praful and leaves with Paresh.

Meanwhile, Kanak says to Dashrath that Chetan and Pankaj respect their father lots and that is the reason they don’t say anything to him even though Anant mistreats them. She says this is why she called him. On the other side, Anant gives Gehna books and says her to prepare well for her admission test. Hema tells Gehna to wash Dashrath’s clothes. Gehna tells Kanak to give medicines to Praful without forgetting. Dashrath tells Gehna to prepare for puja but without touching the ingredients. Praful collapses and Gehna gets a strange feeling.

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