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Netizen Are Claiming Neha Dhupia As Feminist After Her Behavior In Roadies

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Feminism is actually a social movement and ideology that claims that men and women should be treated equally in society. Feminism is an ideology that fights for the political, social and economic rights of women. In worldwide 1 out of 3 women face physical or sexual humiliation in their workplace, in roads or sometimes at their own house. This harassment proves that still, people in society have not claimed women equal to men.

But some women misuse the perception of feminism. Feminism never claims that women are superior to men. Feminism is not about blaming men for everything. If you are a feminist then you should have the guts to accept your own mistake and not put the blame to the men present in your life. Recently the girls who are claiming themselves feminists are considering that they can do anything even cheating and nobody can utter a word against her.

Recently an incident happens in Roadies after which netizens are getting angry at Neha Dhupia. A guy came for an audition and tells his story in front of the judges. He tells that his girlfriend was cheating on him with 5 other boys despite him being loyal to her, so he slapped his girlfriend impulsively. Listening to this judges gets angry on him. Neha Dhupia tells him that he did a wrong thing as he can’t slap his girlfriend even after cheating as it is her life her choice. She further said that maybe she was not happy with him and it’s his fault and not hers.

After this incident, netizens get angry at her and calling her feminist because of her statement. Some are making memes on her and some are badly criticizing her. According to the netizens, it is true that one has no right to abuse or get physical with their partner even after cheating but the behavior of Neha is not acceptable. Cheating in a relationship is not the right thing neither for the girl nor for the boy.

This incident has become the trending topic that is revolving around the internet recently. Share your views about this incident. Comment below and let us know your opinion.

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