Negative effects of protein powder

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Those who are fitness freaks prefer to incorporate protein powders in their daily diet as it is the easiest way to stay fit and healthy. These are dietary supplements that are good for muscle health as well. Gym-goers and bodybuilders consume this mostly to have a strong and muscular body. 

Although surprisingly these protein powders have lots of side effects as well. These protein powders contain globular proteins that are extremely harmful to our health. So it is suggested that before consuming protein powders one must know their side effects. Read below to know further.

May cause acne:-

Protein powders contains some kind of hormones and bioactive peptides that increase sebum production and this can cause acne in your face. So if you have a acne-pro skin than you must take care of this.

Unbalanced nutrient composition:-

Protein powders have an unbalanced nutrient composition than any other natural source of protein like meat, milk, and eggs that is not good for our health.

Cause Gastrointestinal problems:-

Protein powders are made of milk that contains antibacterial compounds like lactoferrin. These compounds are harmful or adult gut flora. Continuous consumption of protein powders can stomach problems that include gastrointestinal issues.

Contains toxic metals:-

It is always suggested to buy protein powders from a reputed company as some companies adds certain toxic metals in their powders like lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic etc. Consumption of these toxic metals are highly harmful for our health as it causes health problems such as constipation, headache, fatigue and pain in muscles and joints.

Can increase insulin level:-

Some protein powders can increase insulin levels in our body and if you are cosuming it right after your workout than you should stop it immediately as it increase insulin level a lot in your body.

[Note:- Consult your nutritionist before making any changes to your diet]

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