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Kaha Hum Kaha Tum: Tanya Faces Miscarriage

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In the serial KHKT, Rohit comes to know about Pari’s pregnancy. He secretly meets Pari to make her understand that she should abort the child as this is not right for her future. But Pari is not ready to listen to and asked him to stay away from her.

Rohan and Rahul kidnap Pari and make her senseless so that they can give her an abortion pill. Rohit reaches there and beats Rohan badly. Sonakshi Spots Pari with Rohit when Pari was not in senses. They took Pari to home and make her vomit so that the pills which Rohan gave her won’t affect her.

Sonakshi confronts Rohit that what he was doing with Pari. Rohit tells her that Rohan wanted to give her pills but Rohit saved her. Sonakshi denies to believe him and asked him to stop his nonsense. According to Sonakshi Rohit is just wants to save his brother. Sonakshi asked Rohit to get out of her house and stay away from her family.

Meanwhile, Rohan returned home with injuries. Seeing him in that condition everybody gets tensed. After returning home Rohit informs the family about his deeds. Standing on the upstairs Tanya listened everything. While Rohan wants to make her understand, Tanya doesn’t want to listen to him.

She was coming downstairs but she slips and falls down. Everyone immediately takes her to the hospital. There, the doctor informs them that Tanya had lost her baby. Knowing this everybody was devastated. Veena slaps Rohan and tells him it’s all because of his karma.

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next.

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