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Kaha Hum Kaha Tum: Rohit To Support Sonakshi

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In today’s episode you will see that Puja is in a trauma and locked her room. YK and Rohit will try to convince her to open the door but all in vain, Atlast Rohit and YK broke the door and will see the broken family photo. Seeing them Puja will shout and tell them to get out of her room. Sonakshi is heartbroken and blame herself for everything. Rohit will support her and take her to their room and console her and make her sleep.

While on the otherside Suman came to know about the fact that Pari had done this and gets angry. Suman tells Pari that how can you be so selfish, why did you do this, because of you my Sona is facing problem with her family and beats her. Pari has answer so she said sorry mummy and crying. Pulkit came and take Suman to the room and try to make her calm. Suman calls Sonakshi but Rohit answers the call and say that Sonakshi is sleeping now.

Rohit goes to YK and try to console him. Eventually Sonakshi is awaken and goes to Puja’s room. She is shocked to see Puja who cut her hand and covered with blood. She got panicked and start calling everybody. Everybody get tensed, Rohit will say to call ambulance, but Sonakshi will interrupt him and say no if we call ambulance than police and media both will came to know. Rohit agree with her and tell to call Dr. Dimpy and bring everything at home.

An angry Tappasya vows to ruin their life, so she has asked a journalist to keep his eyes to the sippy mansion. Naren is very angry with Sonakshi and tell her to stay away from this matter and Puja. Sonakshi has no words, she is standing outside the room as nobody wants her to stay in Puja’s room.

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