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It’s Not Always Bollywood, We Deserve a Mirror Too!

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Enter 2020, where we are witnessing a huge uproar in #boycott trends. A section of the society has become WOKE and are in constant denial. Be it nepotism or religion appeasement, we have seen Bollywood with different glasses, and many of us have forced artists to stand in the witness box to provide a feel-good statement. 

But why now? If we judge these virtual protests through a neutral perspective, we may find the reasons fueling these protests quite reasonable. But that’s just the half side of the story. Nepotism is obviously an immoral thing to practice, not only in Bollywood but also in every industry of the world. You see, I stand against nepotism, but I still remember those days when I passed my 12th exams and was looking for a decent college. Just after getting my results, instead of going for the right way, I went for the quick way. One of my friends (call him my elder brother) used to be an active member of the leading political party of the state. Since he had already told me that ‘he has his ways to get anyone admitted into any college’ i thought I should vouch for his support. I can very comfortably tell that I got admitted to the college with my own merit, but if my name weren’t on the merit list, I was ready to take his help because it was about my career. 

I still stand against Nepotism, but I don’t see any issues using my personal relations to get me an advantage in society. And I believe most of us have the same thinking pattern — This is where it starts to get ugly. 

It is our habit that we don’t look inside ourselves before judging others. For us, Bollywood is a filthy place because we have ditched judging ourselves. Sure, Bollywood is not a very holy place, and the industry has its own demerits (very big ones) but isn’t the society same? Despite judging Bollywood movies if the audiences were conscious enough to relate those ‘scenes’ with their daily lives, it would have helped the society to get into a better shape. Bollywood is only a reflection of the society around it. 

Have we questioned ourselves how can we ‘love’ Kabir Singh and Thappad at the same time? When Kabir Singh was released, I had many of my female friends fanaticizing about Kabir’s hardness on Preethi and that they would do anything to get a ‘caring’ boyfriend like Kabir. After some months, when Thappad was released, I saw big Facebook posts from those same friends kudos-ing Thappad’s message against patriarchy. 

Another example that portrays our hypocrisy is when we allow holy men to consume a controlled substance in public — nothing much holier than a person consuming controlled substances in the name of God; but we the keyboard warriors are ready to fight to get an influencer behind the bar after we get high on baseless rumours about their personal life. 

The reel life shows what we actually do in real life. Be it a random politician or a common man, most of them is ready to take a kickback to live their dreams. If we are corrupt, then how can we expect the celebs portraying our lives on the big screen to be clean? The Bollywood industry is nepotistic because we would never let our kids struggle and lead their own journey by themselves. There will always family member holding a decorated position in a company — not because of their merit but because of blood relation.

It’s Not Always Bollywood, We Deserve a Mirror Too!

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