Indians foods that will help you to keep yourself warm in winter

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As the november begins the temperature ha salso started going down and along with that our enerly level is also going down as well. Winter is a tough time for many as during this the metabolism of our body tends to slow down and as a result, body loses the energy to fight the cold. And due to this the chances of catching virus increases as well. Not only virus but also many other disease can harm us.

So it is better to boost our metabolism and for that, we must stock up on foods that will help to boost our metabolism, as well as that keep us energetic and most importantly that will keep us warm to fight the cold. Read below to know further.

Gajar Halwa:-

Gajar Halwa is one of the most delicious as well as popular sweet dishes in Indian cuisine. In fact, it is a favorite of many. It is made of gajar, ghee, and sugar and tastes delicious. It can be had after meals as dessert and will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

Dry fruits and nuts:-

In the winter you can consider dry fruits as will work as an energy bar for you. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, raisins are great to boost energy and immunity. If you don’t like to take it raw then you can also take it in your break fast with a bowl of cereals.

Tulsi and ginger:-

Tulsi and ginger are the best to fight against cold. Tulsi and ginger tea is perfect for your morning tea in the winter season.  It is happiness shared in a cup of tea, a traditional way of healing things. Anti-bacterial properties present in Tulsi is beneficial for our health. While on the other hand for our throat ginger is the best.

Green vegetables:-

You must corporate green and leafy vegetables into your diet during the winter. Spinach, broccoli, green beans, carrots, and Vitamin C rich foods are good to eat during the winter season.


If you can take 1 tablespoon of ghee daily with your food in the winter then it will help to keep you away from the doctor in the winter. Ghee gives us strength and also generates heat in the body.

[Note:- If you have any kind of allergy than you must consult your doctor before adding these things to your daily diet]

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