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Bollywood Celebs Requests People To Follow The Lockdown

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Yesterday our honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has once again come in front of the nation amid the outbreak of the coronavirus. He thanked and appreciated everybody for the success of the Janta Curfew. Apart from this, he requests announced the lockdown for the next 21 days. Coronavirus is becoming deadly day by day and that is the reason he announced this lockdown. He requests people to stay at home and stay safe. Coronavirus cases have crossed 400 cases in India till now and in the whole world, the cases are more than 4 lakh. 11 people have died till now in India.

This deadly virus has now become a matter of tension for each and every people of the nation. This lockdown is effective from today which means from 25th March. Everyone are in favor of this 21 days lockdown. Several Bollywood celebs also took their social media and urge people to stay at home and follow this lockdown as this is a very important step to stop spreading this virus. Many of them bring the topic of people not listening to the measures taken by the government. They request people not to risk their lives as well as others. They took their social media account and encourages people to make this lockdown a success.

Check out their social media posts:-

All of them urges people, again and again, to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Bollywood celebs such as Paresh Rawal, Taapsee Pannu, Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Mahesh Bhatt and many more are trying their level best to distribute the message of Narendra Modi among their fans. These celebs are playing a very important role in spreading awareness among the people through their social media. They also took part in Janta Curfew and make it successful. We are also requesting you all to stay at home and be safe.

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