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Bhula Dunga Song Releases: SidNaaz Are On Fire

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Finally, the wait is over. Song Bhula Dunga starring Sidharth Sukla and Sehnaaz Gill is finally out on youtube this afternoon. Sidharth and Sehnaaz were the most prominent Jodi of Big Boss 13. Within less than 12 hours the views of the song have crossed 3 million views. This song can be considered as one of the most awaited songs of the year. SidNaaz’s fans were eagerly waiting to see their favorite Jodi romancing onscreen. The song is a complete mixture of love and emotions. And the chemistry of Sidnaaz is amazing. This love ballot can be considered as a complete package. The chemistry of SidNaaz and the voice of Darsan Raval make it a complete package.

It can be said that the wait is worth it. The soulful voice of Darsan Raval will definitely melt your heart and the chemistry of SidNaaz will mesmerize you. The words of Gurpreet Saini and Gautam Sharma are just amazing. The onscreen romance of Sidnaaz will definitely take you to the throwback days of BB13. Every emotion is shown so beautifully in the song that it will mesmerize you and you will definitely be lost in the soulful song.

This sad song will soon be going to be a love anthem for many music lovers. The way they embrace each other in the song is so beautiful. Their love, their separation, holding each other’s hands all are shown so beautifully. From this song, you will know the real emotions of love which is a mixed feeling. Love is a beautiful feeling which includes happiness, sorrow, separation and ofcource the bonding. The song shows if you are not happy in a relationship then you should just walk out as that is the best decision for both partners.

Seeing the reactions of the fans all are very happy. We are expecting to have a sequel of this song. What are your opinions about the same? Let us know in the comment section below.

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