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Anupama: Kavya insults Pakhi

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Today’s episode of Anupama starts with Kavya was saying to Rakhi that if was wanted to hear all those negative things then she is absolutely wrong as she has no wrong motives. Kavya further says that she has understood that Vanraj loves his family a lot and will not be able to live with them and she Vanraj at any cost as to get Vanraj if she has to accept his whole family then she is ok with it. Rakhi denies believing her and says that she knows Kavya is doing drama. Kavya gets irked and says Rakhi that she can think whatever she wants. On the other side, the party begins and Pakhi becomes the host of the party.

Pakhi introduces Leela and Hashmukh as they dance on the floors. In fact, the entire Shah family can be seen dancing on the occasion of Vanraj’s birthday. Kavya shocked everybody as shake her legs with Vanraj. However, Pakhi notices Anupama standing alone in the corner. Pakhi calls Anupama and requests her to dance with them. Anupama hesitates to dance but Leela also requests her to dance. Leela says that she teaches dance to the whole world then cant she dances for her own family. Anupama agrees with Leela and shows her amazing dance moves to the family.

Rakhi tries to instigate Kavya and says that when she was dancing everybody was stunned but when Anupama is dancing everybody is enjoying with her. Kavya asks Rakhi not to put oil in the fire when there is no fire. Vanraj gets impressed with Anupama’s dance performance. Shah’s dance together yet again. Kavya enters the group and dances with Vanraj. Seeing this Pakhi walks out from the place and tries to open cold drinks can. Kavya goes behind her and helps her. Pakhi says to Kavya that can’t she see that how happy is Vanraj with the family. Kavya warned Pakhi not to misbehave with her. Pakhi says to Kavya that she need not to be sweet as she knows her very well.

Kavya gets angry and says Pakhi not to mess with her otherwise she will separate her from her father too. Furious Pakhi splashes cold drink on Kavya’s face. Kavya shouts and everyone gets shocked. Everybody comes and asked what happened. Kavya took the advantage of the situation and tries to manipulate it by talking against Pakhi. Anupama instructs Pakhi to apologize to Kavya. Pakhi says at least listen to her what happened but Anupama says that whatever the matter is but she must not misbehave with the elders and asks her to say sorry to Kavya. Pakhi says sorry to Kavya.

Kavya says Anupama that she has spoiled Pakhi and teaches her no manners and that is why she has become rude. Pakhi tries to defend herself and says that Kavya has problems with her and she has also listened to Kavya telling her friend that she is getting no privacy with Vanaj because of Pakhi. In fact, she doesn’t even give her good food to eat and if she orders from outside then also she taunts her. Pakhi says that she gets angry because she is angry as Kavya is the reason for the separation of her parents. Vanraj gets angry at Pakhi and says her to shut up. He says Pakhi is stubborn like Anupama and quotes like mother like daughter. Shah’, Anupama, and Pakhi stand shocked.

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